Montag, 27. Februar 2012

New Delhi, India

Our first post, our first trip together as flight attendant and travel partner, our first time to India, Simon's first Visa - one big premiere.
Great first impressions of India and a small foretaste of the world trip to come... check out some of our pix.

Fake Taj-Mahal: Humayun's Tomb

poverty everywhere

Our personal driver and tourguide: Ranjeed

The last footsteps of Ghandi

Some holy temple

dessert and the bill incl. 1 cock

Hotel for CHF 11.-:
to the left - the shower, to the right - toilet.

Metro in Delhi - guess which side we got on;)

Public toilet: no paper, improvise with what you've got...

Red Fort

blessing from a jain priest

Indian art

India gate

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